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Why Bread?

Stack a sandwich on our SAVORY BREADS! Pile these hearty, full-flavored breads high with favorite toppings –like lettuce, tomato, guacamole, onion & cucumber– for a hearty meal or snack!

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Harvest Bread - Click to enlargeHarvest Bread - This hearty and wholesome bread is great alone or topped with your favorite fresh veggies.
Carrot, brown flax, sunflower seeds, and celtic sea salt.

$7.98 each
Rye Bread - Click to enlargeRye Bread - Our grain free version of your favorite homemade rye.
Carrot, brown flax, sunflower seeds, celtic sea salt, and caraway seeds.
$7.98 each

Sink your teeth into our SWEET BREADS! Great alone or with sliced & spreadable fruit! Bring a loaf on the trail for a fulfilling meal on the go or fill and enjoy a fantastic banana ice cream sandwich!

Sweet Rolls - Click to enlargeSweet Rolls - They're back! A sweet and savory roll, kids love em!
Flax seed, almond, date, vanilla, Celtic Sea Salt.
$4.50 pack of 2
Apricot Bread - Click to enlargeApricot Bread - When life gets complicated try our simply delightful Apricot bread!
Carrot, golden flax, apricots, almond, almond extract, and celtic sea salt.
$9.12 each
Banana Bread - Click to enlarge Banana Bread - Fruit, nuts, chew, and crunch! A slice of sweet pleasure.
Carrot, date, walnut, flax seed, banana, vanilla, celtic sea salt.

$9.12 each
Carrot Cake - Click to enlargeCarrot Cake - Just like the carrot cake mom used to make, only better! This is our best seller and you'll see why. Yum!
Carrots, raisins, walnuts, apricots, golden flax, spices, and celtic sea salt.
$9.12 each
Ginger Bread - Click to enlargeGinger Bread - One bite of this delicious bread and you'll be reminiscing of holidays gone by. Smooth taste with a kick of ginger.
Carrot, raisins, dates, brown flax, ginger, pure vanilla, cinnamon, and celtic sea salt.
$9.12 each
Lemon Bread - Click to enlarge Lemon Bread - This simply sensational bread will delight you with a zest of lemony sweetness.
Carrot, golden flax, almonds, dates, almond / lemon extracts, and celtic sea salt.
$9.12 each
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